<openrecipexml:about /> OpenRecipeXML is an open xml language for recipes. It is constructed of library sets that distribute the weight of the recipe (separation of non recipe specific data and thus very extensible). It uses xpath and xslt for constructive calculation of units, ingredients, etc... Thatfor OpenRecipeXML is rather a technology collison.

Designed over the last 6 months by Polemian (belgian non-profit organisation) for the open community. Reactions on our current work are the reason to maintain the work. This states the need for this to be continued.

OpenRecipeXML is a way to describe recipes in XML, a popular plain text hierarchic and structured data holding system constructed by tags (like html). The reason to devellop this language is to create a "free" ( in the sence of no expensive license ) and flexible recipe description sollution.
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Working drafts.

<openrecipexml:contact /> Contact us (at Polemian) via info@polemian.org.